IRL Pants


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Well, well, well. Look at you, all buttoned up in your freshest brand hoodie (we know you have multiple, one specifically for this occasion). However, you can’t just wear any pants, no no. You have to wear the IRL pants, freshly pressed and ironed just for your foray into the world of IRL broadcasting. Sure they may be too high quality for most people’s taste but that’s just the life of luxury for streamers such as yourself.


  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Waist 38.00cm 40.50cm 43.00cm 45.50cm 48.00cm 50.50cm
Hips 48.20cm 52.00cm 55.80cm 59.60cm 63.50cm 67.30cm
Inseam 66.00cm 68.50cm 71.00cm 73.50cm 74.90cm 76.20cm
Length 93.00cm 97.00cm 100.00cm 104.00cm 107.00cm 109.00cm

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